Our vision is to help our members grow the deepest, most valuable relationships on earth.

Launched in August 2018, Preciate is a rapidly growing startup based in Dallas, TX. We’re devoted to delivering real relationship growth, and that makes us different than every other business networking or talent management company. Founded by a handful of entrepreneurs who put purpose as high as profit on their priority stack, Preciate is redefining an entire category of technology while aiming to change the world for the good.

We don’t think of Preciate as a product. It’s a movement of people who believe that giving is not for getting, that it doesn’t have to be hard to bring good to the world, and that one simple act of recognition can spark a chain reaction affecting so much more than just the giver and recipient.

Download our app and send someone recognition. Or, if it suits you, give recognition without our app. One simple act of appreciation will undoubtedly make someone’s day as well as your own.


Core Values


Relationships First

Building authentic, lasting relationships is at the core of everything we do. We focus on what value we can bring to others, rather than what we can get from them.

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Unambiguous Integrity

We are consistent and truthful in our actions, words, decisions and efforts. Wherever we are, regardless of circumstance, we are people of principle.

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Abundant Appreciation

We cultivate a daily habit of gratitude by openly and enthusiastically recognizing the contributions and accomplishments of others.

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Boundless Adventure

We are explorers that say, “YES!” to all that life offers.  We challenge one another to be present, extracting the very best from both everyday moments and extraordinary experiences. 


Ed Stevens
Founder and CEO



Kate Sheffield
President & COO



Gabriel Leyva Merino
Full-Stack Software Engineer



Andrew Delaney
Product Manager



Dave Morrison
Co-Founder and CFO



Rauli Parvala
Senior Technologist