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Employee Happiness & Why It’s Important

In Annie McKee’s book How to Be Happy at Work: The Power of Purpose, Hope, and Friendship, McKee highlights three necessary components for an employee to be happy at work: 1) to see purpose and meaning in the work that they do, 2) to have a hopeful vision of their future, and perhaps most importantly, 3) to have resonant friendships/relationships in the workplace.

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Kate Sheffield
3 Employee Performance Measurement Myths (and why they need to be retired)

Performance reviews reinforce the notion of a tiered system at work, where managers are ranked higher than employees thereby putting up blocks to effective and trusting communication as peers on a team. We’re glad they’re being replaced by something more useful and less fraught with anxiety for all concerned.

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How to Keep Your Remote Team Feeling Engaged and Part of the Company Community

Having a significant number of your employees working remotely on any given day is the new normal, and for many managers, the management of people they can’t “drop in on” is something of a puzzle. But studies have shown that remote employees are, on the whole, happier and more productive than their in-house counterparts, so companies need to embrace effective strategies for keeping them engaged.

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